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Per Jessen, 10. december 2019, kl. 11:26

Ticket information for the away supporters at the IIHF Continental Cup Final in Vojens.

Dear away supporters.

We are really looking forward to host the IIHF Continental Cup Finals in Vojens from Friday the 10th to Sunday the 12th of January 2020.

The games will be played in Frøs Arena in Vojens. The arena was built in 2011 and has 2000 seats and 3000 standings.

The Arena is located just a five minutes walk from the train station of Vojens – a one hour drive from Billund Airport and two hours drive from Hamburg Airport.

Information about the tickets:

Spectators from Nottingham have to buy tickets in section 7 (standing), and spectators from Grodno and Krakow have to buy in section 1 (standing).

You can buy partout tickets for the whole tournament (three days – six matches) – or you can buy tickets for one specific day (one day – two matches).

Partout tickets:
Seating, Adult: 350,- DKK
Seating, Child 7-17 years: 250,- DKK
Seating, Child 0-6 years: 100,- DKK
Standing, Adult: 250,- DKK
Standing, Child 7-17 years: 175,- DKK
Standing, Child 0-6 years: Free

One-day tickets:
Seating, Adult: 125,- DKK
Seating, Child 7-17 years: 75,- DKK
Seating, Child 0-6 years: 25,- DKK
Standing, Adult: 100,- DKK
Standing, Child 7-17 years: 50,- DKK
Standing, Child 0-6 years: Free

For your information each ticket has an extra fee of 11,25 DKK

Buy your ticket here:
Partout for all days – https://billetto.dk/e/continental-cup-final-19-partout-billetter-399251
Friday 10th January – https://billetto.dk/e/continental-cup-final-19-one-day-ticket-billetter-399256
Saturday 11th January – https://billetto.dk/e/continental-cup-final-19-one-day-ticket-billetter-399259
Sunday 12th January – https://billetto.dk/e/continental-cup-final-19-one-day-ticket-billetter-399260

We look forward to seeing you in Vojens!

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