Information for Sparta Praha fans

Per Jessen, 17. august 2016, kl. 12:20

We bring here some practical information for our visiting fans from Sparta Praha regarding the Europa League Playoff game on thursday, 18th august.

Entrance to Sydbank Park for visiting supporters will be from south on the street named “Gymnasiestien” that you can access from “Christiansfeldvej”. Parking is also on Gymnasiestien and the entrance to the stadium is in direct connection to the parking area. Please look at the map below. Tickets shall be purchased via Sparta Praha. There will not be sold any tickets for away supporters on game day.

We look forward to seeing you on Sydbank Park.

Parking and driving away Sydbank Park

Sydbank Park, Haderslev

1.    To have access to the Sydbank Park you must on request from the stewards, be controlled for illegal items.
2.    Bottles and other items that can be used for throwing to the pitch or other places are forbidden.
3.    It is forbidden to take in fireworks of any kind. It also forbidden to take in items for other violent purpose.
4.     It is forbidden to force the fence to the pitch and to enter the pitch.
5.    It is forbidden to be obvious drunk on Sydbank Park or to show bad behavior to others.
6.    All instructions from the stewards must be followed.

These regulations are made according to the police note about securing the public order etc.

By not following the above mentioned safety regulations, the consequence can be eviction from Sydbank Park and prosecution according to the danish laws.

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